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Katila Games

  • Na Tropie Apteki is a html5 game where player must click a group of at least three squares with the same color. The apothecary need to find his way to home – player’s job is to reduce all squares in a column where apothecary stay. Users may save their best scores (after[...]
  • Jisgsaw with unique shapes created for fan+ website where users may win some tickets on soccer games. Game was created in two versions: Flash and HTML5.
  • Facebook quiz game for polish Norton fanpage.
  • Third edition from the series of games for HPTechTeam. This game include six mini games and main engine. There were also extra ranking for players from website Antyweb.pl.
  • Second edition for HP with FFW agency. HPTechTeam is a series of games designed to integrate players together. This time a game was promoting HP 3PAR solutions. Game include 10 minigames created with Flash and ActionScript3. There are also two games created with box2d framework. Main egine is also a[...]
  • Few editions of action game Bioracef Heli where the best users could win some prizes. Inside game you can find many levels of difficulty where more and more people will come (as well as some monsters), which you must heal using your helicopter. Players can use their points to buy[...]
  • It is classic gold miner type of game where kids should gather all items from the stage. The game was displayed on the wall during festival Tauron Nowa Muzyka in Katowice inside the kids zone.
  • Owocowa Przygoda (Fruit’s Adventure) is both: game and an animated story. Player can choose his own hero and many items which are used later during the stories. Heroes wear selected clothes in every tale during the trip: in school or on the farm. There are a lot of items and[...]
  • Game integrated with Facebook API (best players ranking, invitation system) where user must protect gate against viruses.  
  • Our first production for HP with FFW agency. The games contain 10 mini games with different gameplayes. There was also a main engine where user may register, log in, watch videos, see best players rank,  prizes and rules. Player could walk through entire building to find new missions. After each[...]
  • Game for youngest users of MiniMini+ with main heroes from Klumpies (Malency) TV series.
  • Rozwierć Mikołaja (Ream Chocolate Santa) is a game where player select a tool to ream the chocolate from the Santa Claus. To read the entire Christmas whishes user must remove chocolate using every tool that is available.
  • Dackel Darius is an interactive mobile book for children.
  • An adventure game with Sherlock Yack (Sherlock Jak) for TeleToon+ website.
  • Game (Pok i Mok Odlot) with heroes from Pok&Mok TV series for TeleToon+ website. Players must fly as far as they can and collect items during theirs flight. They can also but some upgrades between next tries.
  • Super Memo is a memory game created for Kinder Niespodzianka with three levels of difficulty.
  • Shaun the Sheep Olympic game (Baranek Shaun na Olimpiadzie) is a game created for TeleToon+ website. There are numbers of different sports as well as heroes to select. So far it is most popular game on TT+.
  • Game Noc na Zamku was created for PZU company to promote their rebranding. During the event called Night of Museums, this game was displayed on the wall of The Royal Castle in Warsaw and allowed six people play together on this giant screen – they use their own cellphones to[...]
  • Guess Who game for MiniMini+ called Zoo Zgadula. Inside players can find great animations and illustrations.
  • Gormiti Kryształy Mocy is a game for TeleToon+ website where user must match groups od the same types of crystals. Players can see some greate special effects (ice, flame, broken crystals, fan).
  • Kulki is a game created for official website of Bytom city. In the background of every next level you can find wonderfull photos of the city.
  • Isometric game like Sokoban with great design. Game consist from many levels of difficulty where the main stage is getting larger – and with many good looking animals.
  • An offline game published on CD and give away as a gratis for all customers in Carrefour which buy at least two products of selected brands from Procter&Gamble company. Super Transfer is a full soccer manager game with many gameplay elements, such as: selecting league, team banking system customizable football[...]
Mobile games

Mobile games

Mobile games are really popular recently. Because of new generation mobile phones and tablets there are a lot of user who don’t play on their PC anymore.

Instead, they use heavily their mobile devices, to do just that.

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Social games

Social games

Social games are that kind of games which use many options available on websites like Facebook.

They are really great solution to get more users to your fanpage or for some contest with real prizes.

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HTML5 games

HTML5 games

HTML5 with JavaScript is quite new in the industry of online games. However it is already supported in every most common Internet browser.

What is great about it, players may play your game on mobile devices (iOS, Android or Windows Phone) as well as on their PC or Mac.

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Flash games

Flash games

We have created our first game in year 2004 and so far we have created more than 100 games of that kind. You should consider Flash especially when you wish your game to be played by users who use Internet browser on their PC.

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